1. Thyssen

From Guías del Museo Thyssen Bornemisza 

Winning proposal from M.A. in Editorial Design at IED, 2018

Design project of Thyssen Museum guides and catalogues. This was the winning proposal in the M.A. in Editorial Design at IED Madrid 2018. In the first episode of John Berger’s documentary Ways of Seeing, he sets forth the idea that the reproduction of old paintings is endless thanks to photography. Those pictures have lost their primary connection with the original painting. The context is missing. We wanted the design to refer to the space, the building and the context of the Thyssen artworks. Light, color, vegetation and geometry were present in the design. There is also the ventilation grill, aiming to extol everyday life, as Perec used to do.

Wonderful pictures by Irene Luna. This is a collaboration with Marta Gutiérrez and Edelweiss Gascón.